Lake Oroville - Must See Attractions 

1. Lake Orovile Visitor Center, 917 Kelly Ridge Rd, Oroville CA 95966 - Open 9am - 5pm. Dive into the History of Lake Oroville Dam how it was built and did you know that Ronald Reagan dedicated the Dam to our great Californians! 

2. Oroville Dam, Although its closed a the moment. You can still enjoy it from a distant. Did you know it is the tallest dam in the USA, and its the second largest man-made lake in the state of California.

3. C.F. Lott Home, Museum of History. One of my personal favorite's. A personal tour is set up to guide you throughout the beautiful crafted home. This Victorian was built 1956 by Judge Lott, a gold-rush pioneer. 

4. Feather River Fish Hatchery, Just below Lake Oroville - During salmon season this is the place to be if your into fishing, cast and retrieve. 

5. Table Mountain, Wildflower Bloom. If you want to see and feel as if your one with the earth come during the wildflower bloom its pure and inviting, make it a full day.