I would say I'm a blogger in training... Not a professional..  Nor do I pretend to be a skilled writer so please excuse the grammar....


My condolences, prayers and thoughts to those who are affected by the Butte county fires, actually let me correct myself Californian's my condolences!  We have now been declared a Federal disaster area. So many unforeseen natural disasters have hit the United States, can we survives this... I hope so. I believe so... where there is suffering there is always triumph. First and foremost thank you to all the men and woman who are in public safety… Fire fighters, Police officers, and Paramedics your service is priceless.  

Honey Fire, Cherokee Fire, Bangor Fire, LA Porte Fire, Lumpkin Fire, Concow Fire... oh so many to list.. Before today we survived the Ponderosa Fire, The Wall fire, and Forbestown.  Again we will survive.

Suggestions to homeowners take a video of your home, make a list of your home contents. This will come in handy when submitting a claim if necessary. In a state of emergency there is no time to waste, have an exit plan, for your family and your large and small animals.  Large animals are always welcome at Camelot Equestrian Park.